Tuesday, August 16, 2005

8:29 pm
2 days down!!!
today was better than yesterday. IB bio seems ok, the new teacher is nice. i think it's gonna be hard though. we have to read the book and it's this tiny print that i easily fall asleep to.
independent study has become magnificent. i get to sit in KR's room during her planning period, where it is nice and quiet. i get to curl up in her cozy recliner chair. i get to drink tea. and i get to write!!!! for an hour and a half EACH DAY!!!!! BRILLLLLLIANT!!!! that makes me so joyful. i love her. and i am enjoying writing already!!!! perfect.
today we had english, which i love. and that is also B lunch which i adore. so today i got to eat with robby, paul, melissa, julie, LK, etc. good stuff. tomorrow is history and we go back to A i think, but at least i'll alternate.
psychology was interessant. i like the teacher and i hope it won't be too much work. the supernintendent came in today with mr. patrick and he went on about how we are IB seniors and stuff. it was cool, i was smiling.
came home instead of swimming bc it started pouring rain. grrr. i need exercise. but i have not had much homework today. and it's only 8:35. nice. oh and i made dinner tonight. meatloaf. that's about all. i am sleeeepy.
first kappa co chair mtg. tomorrow!ahhh!

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