Friday, August 26, 2005

6:10 PM
today was good. tiringish. bio was fun, we basically did nothing. i like ms. U. writing was fine. i love the comfy lounge chair. english was fine. i heart ms. D. lunch was fun/yummy. psych was boring except that our team won both games and got caramels. bus ride home was long. talked to
robby on the phone, we are hanging out tomorrow. yay! megan is coming over after the game tonight. yay! tomrrow i am going to danielle's to fill out college apps. whee! the ones i think i will fill out:
1. kenyon
2. sewanee
3. guilford
4. davidson (?)
5. st. andrews
6. agnes scott
7. oxford
so yeah. oh and french club was this morning. i just got finished watching friends/dr. phil. lalalalalala and i have dancin in the streets stuck in my head.

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