Thursday, August 11, 2005

2:59 pm
soooOOO what's been going on in the life of clairey?? welllll
on SUNDAY i went to church...hung out... went to youth, which should have been laser show but it was stupidly raining so we watched "roan innish." good movie though. then robby came over for awhile and we got to hang out.
on MONDAY julia and henry came over and we watched old "T-T show" segments which was quite funny. we also watched some of Miss Teen USA. OMG guys! hehe.
on TUESDAY, i went to see the IKEA furniture store with mom, barbara, julia, and henry. it was cool and interesting and huge! then we ate lunch there in the food court (mmm mac and cheese) and i saw robby's momma by chance. cool stuff. then the friederichs and i went to an imax about the nile! then mom and i went swimming (40 laps again, whee!) and then i went to the all-you-can-eat nugget night at chik-fil-a, except i didn't get that special, i just got a combo. robby, maggie, julie, peter, and richard were there too. it was fun. then robby and i hung out some.
on WEDNESDAY (yesterday), it was registration day! mom, mase, and i went to good old DHHS (3 years ago tomorrow was my first day... AHHHHH! i'm OLD). it was really fun to see my friends and teachers. i got to see KR too which was good. my schedule is what i expected it to be. i'm excited about my writing independent study. then we went home for awhile and then mom and i went to LRS to see ms. stanley and others. it was fun. i showed her my sewanee award. last night, we went to a surprise party for matt. it was fun! he was surprised and lots of people were there. whoo hoo. :)
TODAY (thursday), i woke up, ate pasta, watched "dawson's creek," cut out kappa passes (i love cutting stuff out from laminating paper! soo fun!), and went to the mall with momma. i bought 3 shirts and we got drinks from starbucks, yumm. now i should be cleaning or working on english work. grrrrowl. i am excited about school but nervous and sad that my freedom is going away again. ahh! *siiigh* oh well. that's about it for now... PEACE OUT

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