Sunday, August 21, 2005

10:02 pm
i realize i have not written lately. hmmm. school's been going okay. i like most of my classes and i love my independent study w/ KR. and every other day i get to eat lunch with melissa, paul, robby, etc. i miss carmen in lunch though and megs and everyone. *sigh* the week ended pretty well. i did not do much in the afternoons. on fri. night robby and i went to a chinese place and hung out. i heard some kids got arrested/breathalized at the football game. whooohooo. good for them, they're so intelligent. ha. but we did win, apparently, amazingly. good job dhhs dudes! on sat. robby, mase, and i went to borders and hung out, robby and i went to brusters... later i went bowling with mason, megan, maggie, maia, lk, nathan, and daniella. i loooooove bowling even though i'm not great at it, it's so fun. i had 2 strikes!!!!
today i drove to church and such. officially met jordan, new mid high director, even though i know him from glisson. david et al were present. i heart my boy and my best friends. drove home, ate publix sandwiches. slept. i am so glad i wrote my bio essay yesterday, i feel so proud. went swimming-- to a lesson with jinger. it was fun, i really like her a whole lot. went to help set up for kickoff. kickoff was great, yummmmmy willy's taco bar!!! middle school kids are crazy though. phew. bob's band was cool. i love everyone at church, yaay! and marty and vic showed up.
i think i have a little bit of a cold. oh well. la la la. i hope this week goes fast/semi-slow in a tolerable way. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. oh yes, and today is robby's and my 15 month anniversary. 15 months ago i was on a huge adrenaline high. :) he's so YAAAAAYEEE! hehe. ok that's all.


Anonymous said...

claire!! heyy there. yay for updating! it's sooo exciting. psh i'm sure you do miss lunch with me! i am sooo very exciting. what with the water spraying and all. were you there the day daniel poured like a whole bottle all over me. i have a feeling it was one of those weird days where it was just me and a whole bunch of boys. ahh i am so bad at bowling. i always need those little guttery things. WHO WAS I TALKING WITH ABOUT BOWLING THE OTHER DAY..they said something about gutters andnndnandandsjf...i can't remember. i'll get back to you on that.

Anonymous said...

is very
amazing and i miss her.

(my poem)

haha ummm i like college. Its fun. I like that i pick my classes.

Anonymous said...

oops taht was me julia