Friday, July 08, 2005

beach, my cousins, more beach, more cousins, me and my bro :)

3:46 pm
hi all, i am home from florida!!! it was fun. we went to the beach, carrabbas, all that good stuff... st augustine too. and to the pool @ mary and pam's house. we got a really early start this morning so we got home around 1:30ish or something like that. i got 2 college applications today! from emory and sewannee. scary, huh? anyway here are pictures!! :)
right now i am talking to sheridan in pensacola, i miss her!!!! let's see, last weekend i hung out and saw "bewitched" and on the fourth robby came over and hung out. () paul is in europe right now and i am scared that he may have been in london yesterday for the bombings.... but he most likely was somewhere else. god bless him and his family.
that's all for now i think... peace OUT

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