Thursday, July 21, 2005

7:24 pm
i do not know who sings this song but i have had it stuck in my head all afternoon. anyway, yeah. yesterday robby took us home from camp and hung out all afternoon, with mason and myself. mom and i went to an energy healing session at tessitura which was interesting. anne and mary t. were there and lynette was running the whole thing. part of me wants to say it is so fake and part of me hopes it worked, cleansing my aura and all. i may start taking yoga there on saturdays, that would be good. watched the rest of the bourne identity at home.
oh also yesterday (and today) i saw LESTER!!!!!!!!!!!! he is in town til sunday morning!!!! it was awesome, megan and mason were with me yesterday and then emmy saw him today with me. yeehah uncle lester! (which emmy came up with, hehe) he radiates warmth and exuberance and i wish i could be like that!!!
today was camp, which was tiring but good. i really enjoy elizabeth's company. tomorrow we are having bagels for breakfast, a pizza party, and a birthday party for little keir!! so no food packing for claire tomorrow! :) after camp mom, mase, and i went to check out the clairemont campus pool and facilities which we joined. then we came home and i... did stuff. worked more on my room redecorating walls (i need more frames!), called MKT (we're gonna meet for dessert next week!), watched a little TV, talked to lizzie (we had a nice 53 minute conversation), and amy (she called me because she had just finished HP and needed someone to talk to!! aww i love her). in like 30ish minutes, emmy and megs are coming over bc megan leaves for CA tomorrow :(. La la la.... i feel like i should make goals that i should have completed before summer's end, but beth said that can make me feel even worse if i do not complete them!! grrrrrrrr silly perfectionist tendencies. lalala.

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