Friday, July 01, 2005

7:15 pm
i miss robby a lot tonight. wish i didn't have to go out of town right after he gets back. well, i do want to go, because it'll be fun once i get there, but i miss him. anyway, today i went to the university library with ms. donovan, megan, andy, richard, and justin. we researched our extended essay topics which is very helpful. then we went to coldstone to get ice cream which was very fun. i enjoyed hanging out with all of them. i hope megs can come see "bewitched" with my family this weekend. whoa i see smoke from the grill billowing up because dad is cooking hamburgers. anyway, we dropped megan off and mom got stuff at am photo and then it started poooooooooouring and haaaaaaaailing and thuuuuundering and liiiiiiiiightning. then we got home and it wasn't doing any of that. so i watched "friends" and "seinfeld" and kind of napped a little bit. now i have to go set the table, whooooohooooo. ()()() love to all!

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