Wednesday, July 27, 2005

4:38 pm
let's see, summary of the past few days...

monday = camp, crazy day. AHHHH 4-year-old boys are so active/annoying! i had my physical and i have a clean bill of health, whoo hoo! later robby came over. we had a wonderful time playing badminton, watching "seinfeld," and enjoying each other's company. i love him. yayee!

tuesday = camp, then home for a little while. i talked to robby, showered, tried to wash clothes but they didn't dry in time... had to go drop mason off at tutoring, then mom and i went to nana and pop pop's, where mary lynn, brian, allison, gabe, rebekah, and lily already were! later mason, dad, and david joined us and we all ate dusty's BBQ. it was fun and good. i love my family and it was a nice surprise to see so many of them. then mom took me to emily's, where we had a girls' night! it was me, em, allie, and addy. it was quite great! we talked and watched "the women" (love that movie and they liked it too! yeehah!), talked, laughed, and slept. i took some silly pictures.

today = woke up this morning and allie and addy dropped me off at camp. i had to work in the baby room today with sean and vanessa because their other teacher was unexpectedly sick. it was tough work and i guess i have to say i'd rather have four-year-olds on a daily basis. but i did get exercise because we pushed 3-baby strollers around the quad 3 TIMES in the scorching heat and dust of a sahara dust storm. so i got my $$ today, hehe. came home, napped, etc. nice day. i have to cook dinner. hmmm... chicken and pasta?

that's all for now. on saturday, daddy and i are starting to ohio to see kenyon and denison til tuesday. maybe we'll stop by sewanee on the way home.



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