Sunday, July 17, 2005

3:04 pm
here are harry pictures. katie's shirt is quite ingenious, hehe. and there's julia and alana and co. being silly. oh and i saw ginny at the HP party!!! yay!! we do need to get together w/ hannah and them. anyway, earlier that day i went to see charlie and the chocolate factory with some of them for julia's birthday. twas very enjoyable. (jon g on violet and her mom-- "they are SO OTP!" haha) robby came over and then we picked up megan later and went to the HP party. yesterday (sat) i got up and read and finished the book around 2 pm. i won't say anything here yet, just in case. it was good though. i want #7 now! then i went and took my senior pictures which was interesting but kinda annoying. then i came home and mom and dad dropped me off at robby's. mason was off playing tennis w/ megan, henry, and melissa. R and i went to blockbuster and rented "ben hur" and saw his aunt, and then to brusters where we saw jon from close up. watched "ben hur," or at least the first half. i came home. today i went to starbucks and then helped man the table for church directory sign up. then went to church and was sniffy and sneezing all throughout. ick. george and jack were there. went to the club w/ nana and pop pop and then to their house for a minute. tonight is movie night!!!

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