Friday, July 15, 2005

2:33 pm
c'est vendridi! and....
on wed. robby and i hung out and helped nana pull her spa wall back up after the big storm. then we went to his house and ate, then to see "mr and mrs smith." we saw matt hudson and one of my glasses lenses popped out during previews and matt got us some tape, yay! then we came back to my house and watched some bourne ID with mason.
yesterday i was really tired and zonked out but i still went to the optomitrist and beth, which was good.
today we only had 9 kids at camp! yesss. in a bit i'm gonna go see willy wonka with julia and others for her birthday!! then HP time!!!
here's a pic from last harry potter release! :)

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Anonymous said...

i tried to get my ma to take me to where you were but theeeen by the tme i convinced her we'd missed the turn. :-(