Friday, July 01, 2005

12 AM
hey dudes, wazup? i just got back from screen on the green and "grease"! I went with Megan, Maggie, Melissa, Maia, and Lauren. We also saw Ellen and I saw Shannon!! Coooolness to see your own cousin whom you hardly ever see otherwise. the movie itself was fun, the speaking was actually not in sync with the mouthing, but you could barely tell, esp. for us sitting way away from the screen. people sang along to the songs and clapped and whistled at all their favorite lines. twas very nice. earlier today i hung out and drove to the library and back!! yayyyyyy! wow the lamp that has not been coming on just randomly came on. anyway, tomorrow i am meeting with ms. donovan and her other mentorees about the extended essay, whoo hoo. but it'll be good to see her and we are gonna go out for ice cream. :) still undecided about jax... i kinda wanna go but kinda wanna stay home. lord, who knows. LOVE

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