Saturday, July 09, 2005

11:20 pm
first off, last night we had to go pick up dad because he locked his keys in the car and then we went to melton's. maia was our hostess, yay! :) then after we got home, robby came over and we took a walk over to LRS and around SMS and such. it was quite enjoyable and we got to catch up. then we came home and watched some of "legally blonde." hehehe. funstuff.

today i woke up around 10ish and then at 11:30 mason and i met megan at panera for lunch. we had a good time and then went to mason mill park to help robby with his eagle project. jonjon, robby, mike, and ian's dad were already there. we spent most of 3 hours drilling in screws to a fence to reinforce it around a garden, mainly tomatoes. i did not wear sunscreen and the stuff megan had in her glove compartment expired in february of 2003. hm. hehehe. so therefore i am officially a "RED NECK." at least temporarily, heehee. later julie showed up too. a LOT LOT LOT of IMMATURE jokes about screwing and banging and knocking up... oh lordie. we did laugh a lot though. i heart mes amis. so we basically finished which makes me realllllly happy for robby. :)

then megan and i drove back to her house, she got her swimming/tennis stuff, and we went to pangborn for a bit. we cooled off in the pool and then she, mason, and dad played tennis. it started thundering and i ended up walking home. then they came home and megan and i talked to melissa and watched "save the last dance," we all ate dinner, then played games of gin rummy (i won!) and hearts. really funny and laughingly. then we watched america's funniest home videos and then megan went home. wheeeeeeeee! we also talked to the vinsons.

let's see, other random tidbits of the day: ms. woodall isn't gonna be our principal next year!!! this saddens me, as i really like her. it's good that she got promoted to be in charge of all county high schools but still. i am crossing my fingers that mr patrick would be named principal because he is awesome. also, i heard from paul today!!!! yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy that is so good. i am glad he's ok. :)

je suis fatiguee et je vais aller a starbucks tres tot demain matin donc je suis finis maintenant. bon soir!


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