Tuesday, July 19, 2005

10:17 pm
yawn. i am saleeeeepy. but tomorrow is wednesday which is good. today was fine, we went to evan's for breakfast!!! yummmmy pancakes and nice waiters/waitresses. then to camp which was pretty good today. i had to spend 45 minutes with the babies downstairs bc they had like 11 and tons were crying. i am glad i have older kids in the long run though, even though many of them are absolutely crazy (ok, only 3). then at the end of camp i took kendall home with us and we went to the pool but it started thundering!!! :( so we didnt get to go swimming at all and i felt bad because I think she was really looking forward to that. but i promised her we would go some other time. she is the sweetest and funniest kid. i cannot wait to see what she grows up to be like!! she's already 6 now. then it did start raining and denise picked her up and i went home. took a nap, read some old HP#2 and then made dinner. i made the chicken really well. while i was making it i watched "friends", er, rather listened because i had the volume turned way up and i was in the kitchen. then we ate and i read more and mom and i walked the doggies and such. i watched a little bit of sex and the city and now robby and i are talking, as are i and speno. i have been updating my email address book. yawn again. time for.... the end of this post. whee!

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