Saturday, June 11, 2005

9:24 pm
i'll be gone to youth week til thursday. panama city was tres enjoyable; i hope M&V have fun @ ghp!! last night robby came over to borrow my TI83 for the ACT. it was so good to see him. yayyayay. then i slept in today, walked to cvs and got some pics developed but they didn't turn out wonderfully. oh well. i feel like i'm slowly slipping away to digital totally, but i like getting pics developed that i've never seen. however, they are less dependable and more expensive. anyway. walked dogs with mom, etc. megan and i went to see "mr and mrs smith" which was GREAT!!! it was hilarious, brad pitt and angelina jolie were great together and they DO have great chemistry which i guess could make sense for love affair rumors in the tabloids. it was wonderful to see megan too, i hope we can hang out more when i get back. it won't be the same @ epworth w/out her!! *sigh* then nana and pop pop came over for dinner. we showed them PC pics etc. now i need go to pack. adios amigos!! see you soon!


Anonymous said...

yeh..all we ever do is sprints now and i hateyhatehatehate sprints. and also yeah. it just scares me. kristen and karen lee are still coaching but they say it's their last year. :-( i love them. mike young and olivia cooney are like assistant coaches so i guess they'll take over. i'm going to join the dhhs team......also unfortunately because swimming is so bad for your hair.

Anonymous said...

woops, that was me......incase you didn't guess. --carmen