Sunday, June 26, 2005

9:14 pm
the past 2 days have been really good. yesterday was mom's birthday party! lots and lots of great people came and she was surprised by some arrivals which was fun. gabe, rebekah, and lily came! and robby and mollie. and ML and johnny and lots of other non family people. then after that i got to hang out with my boy. :D whom i love a lot. yayee!
today started out kinda bad bc i wanted to get up early to drive on the highway but i slept in til 10 so we didn't have time to do it before church. so i started driving everyone to church but got really freaked by the time we started to go to lawrenceville hwy and we were late already and i started crying and dad took over. and i barely ate breakfast. ick. so we went to church and it was connie's last day/sermon which was kinda depressing. and apparently wesley had surgery but does anyone know this? NOOOOOOOOO. then i went to lunch @ the club with NN, PP, my fam, and gabe, bekah, lily. it was yummmy and fun. lily kate is the sweetest and she has the biggest blue eyes. and she always points at things! her birthday is coming up on the 7th. 7-7. When she's 3 it'll be 07-07-07! hehe. anyway.... then we stopped at their house for a bit, and then i went to robby's house since he is going out of town tomorrow. it was all good. then we went to youth but instead of stone mountain, since it would be wet, we stayed at the yaab and watched "school of rock." which was fun too. then we left and i said bye to robby and everyone and we had to drop chris antley off so dad suggested i drive home from there, WHICH I DID!!!! yay. big claire accomplishment. now i am home, duh, and hungry, and thirsty. and feel like doing this:
so ha! bye now

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