Wednesday, June 29, 2005

8:35 pm
i am proud to say that yesterday i drove on two main streets!! yeehah, go clairey. i think/hope i am slowly getting my fear lowered about driving. anyway, the other big thing i did yesterday was go to lindmoor woods to a swim meet!! :-) carmen invited me. i haven't been there in like 4 years so it was awesome to be back. kristen and karen lee are still coaching (yay!), mike and olivia are assistant coaches (yess!), and lots of the little kids are so grown up now! scaaaaaary. i felt really old. carmen is a really good swimmer. :-) whether she says so or not. melissa and maia came too so i got to see them. lizzie got me a fan from spain. i said hello to karen lee and kristen, and mike and liv. man i really miss that pool. it angers me to have gotten so far away from it. *sigh* but it was really neat to go back. it's changed but tons of things are still the same.
today i basically hung out... i have been writing a lot. i also looked at collective soul music videos. watched some seinfeld... walked the doggies with mom. now dad and i are going to go to nana and pop pop's to deliver the kayak before they go to the mountains tomorrow. ooh and is really cool and helpful. that's all. tomorrow megan and i are going to piedmont to see "Grease" on screen on the green. yeehah!
let the word out
i gotta get it out
i'm feelin better now!!!
-cS "better now"

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