Sunday, June 19, 2005

4:34 pm
happy father's day! lalalala. last night robby came over and was finally made to watch "singin in the rain"-- great movie!! yayeee. then we watched "spider-man" on tbs. today i discovered i have poison ivy on my knees and lower legs from walking around the water works, but it's feeling fine at the moment. plus we got medicine stuff. at church lots of people came including my darling swattie grad sister katie!! we are going out to lunch tomorrow which will be great. yeehah. allie, addy, candylander, molls, mase, the freshies who are no longer freshies but will remain freshies forever in title ;), amy, etc. and a new girl from MO who is doing a neuroscience internship @ emory for the summer-- dude!! she looks really nice and i really want to get to know her if i can. her name is brittany. rob simmons was there too! and we all found out that sheridan is MOVING NEXT WEEK!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH no way. i can't imagine a youth group or school without sheridan. that is quite saddening. and connie and robert are great people too. *sad sigh* after church we went to athens w/ nana, pop pop, and the joyners. yummy food, steph l. was our waitress again and i wished her luck on northeastern U. she has a great smile. came home and sat in the sun and ate ice cream and then took a nap til 4:10ish. tonight is roguefest once again and lots of people are going to come which is tres cool!!! i'm excited. monday = lunch avec katie, tues= claire comes into town!!! eeeeeee!
peace out dudes


Anonymous said...

claaaaaiiiiiire!! i'm just going to reply to this one the last post because I FEEL LIKE IT...ok?!?!?!?! OMG FIRST COLLEGE APPLICATION!! that's sooooo crazy. it's gonna be so weird and said when you leave and then when i have to go to school ALL BY MYSELF with out my juniors. :O :-( saddysadsad. daniella told me today that you paid her to kill me. i surely hope you didn't give her ALL the money robby paid you or else there'd be no profit for you. hmm..i feel like i had something else to say but i have certainly forgotten what it was. ohhhh well.

Anonymous said...

heeeeeeey i may have gotten poison ivy from the water works as well! god we are the same person. well. bye!