Saturday, June 18, 2005

1:54 pm
hey all, happy saturday. happy 20th birthday alexandra. :)
go shawty, it's your birthday WHAT gonna party like it's your birthday WHAT gonna sip a-- COKE like it's your birthday WHAT and we don't give a-- HOOT and it's your birthday!!!
anyway, youth week was funness. good people there, gorgeous epworth-by-the-sea, relaxing and lazy time, water, sun, book, pictures, etc. played "who's line is it anyway?" led by hamp and ralph which was HILARIOUS!!! we have to do that at youth this year. it was great. got to talk to mes parents and megan and the robbster on the phone a few times which was nice. went to the water park again... sang in the little chapel and did the boogaloo! teehee. did the ropes course and i again jumped off the insanely scary telephone pole. went into town, love the store "go fish"... yay. ate AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME epworth food all the time!!! yummmmmmmmmers. took 255 pictures, hehe. shocking isn't it? NOT. pranked the middle schoolers. watched "mask" with cher and eric stolz. went on a ghost walk around st. simons. allie painted my nails. rode on a big charter bus all the time. rachael told the girls bedtime stories every night, and the last night was about me!! it made me quite happy. :)
so yeah, good times.
yesterday robby and i went to breakfast at evans. then we went and took a picture of mason mill park which is where he's doing his eagle project. then he showed me the abandoned water works, which are really cool. then i timed him for his fitness merit badge and we went back to my house for lunch and stuff. then he left to go practice for roguefest, which is tomorrow!!! yeeeeeeeehah. can't wait. it's so cool and fun. then i hung out for awhile and then we had girls' night! mollie, allie, megan, addy, and i went to chik-fil-a for dinner. then we went to regal and saw "the sisterhood of the traveling pants." it was a great movie! I actually liked it better than the book really. it made me want to read the next 2 more now though. then we came back to my house and baked brownies, sat outside and talked, and watched "hitch" and "dirty dancing: havana nights." yeehah! now i'm at home obviously. i just started my first college application-- ahhhh!!!! how scary!!!!!!!!!!
peace out yallllllll

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