Saturday, June 25, 2005

12:05 AM
technically yesterday, the 24th, was really nice. i did lots of things. first it was my mom's 50th birthday which of course is tres important. she made me get up and drive in the morning, which was good i guess. not any really big stuff, but i did cross a big street (ooooh *gasps* all around i know). then i came home and we walked the doggies and then i watched "dawson's creek." then we went to the farmer's market and this bakery but didn't buy anything. then we came home and ate lunch. then i went to my appointment with beth which was really good. i felt good about it, i am so glad that i have her to talk to about things. then mom and i went and got me a mint mocha chip frappachino at starbucks and then i got my haircut at salon red. oooo it looks good! i aime it a whole lot. yayeee. then went to publix to order her cake, get a sandwich, and get nail polish remover. allie's nail polish is difficult to remove. came home and crashed and admittedly watched silly television stuffs til i showered and got ready to go to A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION at chastain!!!!!!!! it was sooooooooo fun. cheryl and wes came with us which was great, they are so enjoyable and funny. they picked us up and we ate there at a table and we had really good, close seats. garrison (GARRISON KEILLOR!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!) came out and led us in "my country tis of thee" and "the star spangled banner" before we went on the air. i started crying a bit when we sang the national anthem because i am so proud to be a part of this country. it always makes me emotional. i think it's cool that garrison is a diehard liberal who hates the bush administration and yet is still a diehard patriotic person. anyway, the show was AWESOME AWESOME AWESOME DOUBLE AWESOME!!! he sang the "saturday song" ("I'll hear that old piano from down the avenue.... I smell the rosebuds, I look around for you.....) even though it was Friday. great stories, great musicians, company, food, and GARRISON!!!! ahhhhhhhh. sooooooo cool. coleman and chris a. came over and sat with us for a bit. i can't wait to hear it broadcast tomorrow night! i am so glad we could do this for mom and her birthday. :) and tomorrow is her party!
in the car my dad offhandedly mentioned that my grandfather would be glad if i stayed close to home for college because he would miss me a lot, and that really got me thinking, and not feeling quite... guilty, but just sad. i wish kenyon weren't so far away. it pisses me off that it is. and sometimes it makes me think maybe i should just stay around here for family reasons if nothing else. i just don't know what to do sometimes. sometimes i am super-enthusiastic about possibly going away and getting a great education, and others (like when i think of leaving my grandparents and family) i just don't ever want a year and a month or so from now to come. i just ask god to guide me and help me know the best situation for me. and for now just let me be happy and spend time with those i love and speak my mind.
grrr i wish sheridan's goodbye party wasn't tomorrow night as well as mom's party!!!! mom said i could go for some of it if i could get rides and stuff but soooo many people will be at mom's that i hardly ever see, like logan and LA and dan and gabe and bekah and lily kate etc.... i wish robby and megan would stay the whole time for ours but i'm sure they'll go to sheridan's too, which they rightly should... i am just really excited about my family meeting the robbmeister. i hope they all get there on time.
ok i should go to bed now................. now it actually IS saturday, the band is playing, honey could you ask for more?

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