Thursday, June 23, 2005

11:30 pm
man i am tired and worn out, physically and emotionally. *sigh* claire and carol left today but it was super fun having them here for the day yesterday and most of today. yesterday we went to decatur and looked around and went to mick's for lunch, yum. came home and took a nap, then mom took claire and me to the bead store and book store. then we walked around LRS and SMS. then we watched FoTR and went to terra cotta for dinner, yummmm. came back, ate cake and celebrated mom's birthday!! today we went to the carlos museum and then robby came over for a little while and then the Cs left. i hope they had a safe flight back!! robby stayed a little longer, then had to go to scouts. i ate some dinner, watched tv, walked the doggies with mom, and have been working with pictures of course. tomorrow is mommy's birthday and we are going to see A PRAIRIE HOME COMPANION!!!!!!!!!!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!:)

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Anonymous said...

what iiiisss erm...aaaaaaaare LRS, SMS, and FoTR?