Wednesday, June 01, 2005

11:21 pm
today has been really nice. i kind of wish it wasn't over. like, really.
- megan came over this morning
- we (her, myself, and mason) went to paideia for lunch
- stood with molls and her fun and hyper friends which was nice-- reminds me, i need to send hannah pics
- went to the yaab for movie day-- watched "dirty rotten scoundrels", which was realllly funny and there was a good group of peoples there
- went to robby's house and hung out-- we watched "napoleon dynamite" which i had never seen but really enjoyed. also ate dinner w/ his folks etc. talked to carmen and lizzie on IM. relaxed without having to worry about schoolwork stuffs.
- am home! wheeeeeeeeee. talking on IM to maggie and my BROTHER who is actually in the next room.... how silly are we.
VERRRY silly.
ok ciao

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