Wednesday, June 29, 2005

10:56 pm
stealing surveys from carmen who stole them from georgia... :-D
If you were a _____ you would be...
A month I would be: April
A day of the week I would be: Sunday
A time of day I would be: 6 pm
A planet I would be: Earth
A sea animal I would be: Dolphin
A direction I would be: North
A piece of furniture I would be: a chaise lounge
A sin I would be: jealousy
A historical figure I would be: Queen Elizabeth I or Dame Judi Dench
A liquid I would be: Lemonade
A tree I would be: The pink one outside my room
A flower/plant I would be: a rose
A kind of weather I would be: sunny and not too humid
A musical instrument I would be: a flute
An animal I would be: a songbird
A color I would be: yellow
A vegetable I would be: broccoli
A sound I would be: a gasp
An element I would be: oxygen
A car I would be: a VW bug
A song I would be: “Sunday Morning” Maroon 5
A book I would be written by: myself, or Joan Bauer
A food I would be: macaroni
A place I would be: a small, close town
A material I would be: silk
A taste I would be: chocolate
A scent I would be: chlorine
A word I would be: hope
An object I would be: a photograph
A body part I would be: an ear
A facial expression I would be: smiling with my head tilted left
A cartoon character I would be: Snoopy
A number I would be: 11

Opening credits: “Simple” Collective Soul
Waking-up scene: “The Sun” Maroon 5
Average-day scene: “Car on a Hill” Joni Mitchell
Meeting someone new scene: “Complicated” Avril Lavigne
First-date scene: “Accidentally in Love” Counting Crows
Best-friend scene: “Paper Heart” All-American Rejects
Falling-in-love scene: “Secret” Maroon 5
Love scene: “A Song for Claire” Robby Duncan
Fight-with-friend scene: “The Reason” Hoobastank
Fight-with-significant other scene: “What I like about the truth” Precious Bryant
Break-up scene: “Since You Been Gone” Kelly Clarkson
Fight-at-home scene: “They made up their minds and they started packing…”
Mental-breakdown scene: “Help!” The Beatles
Driving scene: “Better Now” Collective Soul
Deep-thought scene: “I Love You for Sentimental Reasons”
Flashback scene: “Take My Picture”
Lesson-learning scene: “The World I Know” Collective Soul
Make up with Best Friend scene: “Think” Aretha Franklin
"Life's okay" scene: “Little White Lies”
Get-back-together scene: “I Need a Hero”
"Life's perfect" scene: “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” Beatles
Party scene: “Roses” Outkast
Happy dance scene: “Hey Ya” Outkast
Regret scene: “Boys of Summer” Ataris
Long-night-alone scene: “Oh God Beyond All Praising”
Closing credits: “It’s a Pity to Say Goodnight” Ella Fitzgerald

hehe that was fun!!

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