Thursday, June 16, 2005

10:46 pm
i am BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAACK from youth week!!! yeeehah i know you are all extreeemely happy about this fact. i will post more later about it, promise, i am just tired right now etc. etc. all those excuses. but i will say that it was MOST fun and enjoyable and i LOOOVE epworth as always. lalala. sleepytime and talk time or w/e. just not in the writing mood at the momento. bye guys!!
-carmen, do you have an email address??


Anonymous said...


yeaheyahyehaeyehay, i do. it's

i love kristen and karen lee old was caleb when you left? today at practice we were doing arms like all these arm drills and karen lee made us do doggy paddle and bark like dogs. i'll surely tell them you said hello on mooooonday. you should come to a meet someone and then you could seeee everyone.

--carmen (sometimes i ALWAYS almost forget to write my name)

Anonymous said...

you were there when he he was actually born? like in the hospital? or just on team. he's 6 now. he just got his head shaved. did you know rad joined the marines? the meets are on tuesdays, i;ll find out where the next one is and let you know.