Thursday, June 02, 2005

10:35 pm
i'm just re-realizing how much i love jessica darling-- such a wonnnnnderful character, a hilarious heroine, if i can write like megan mcafferty or jessica herself i'll be contented. but i guess i really should just want to write like myself. which i will do anyway since it's all i can do. hehe.
yeah sooooooo~~~ later today we (mom, mase, and me) went to the library and saw ms. strickland there!! that was cool/unexpected. i just got an email from her today re: EE stuff. she is so neat. i am glad she lives around here. then we went to chapter 11 and i bought "wicked" like addy suggested. going to a bookstore which i hadn't done in awhile made me realize how much i looooove books. even though i definitely pleasure-read less this year than i have in a loooong time. but i could not decide which books i wanted and lots of them were in hardback so that made them expensive and mom was paying and i just wanted so many books!!!!! i especially wanted the 3rd sisterhood of the travelling pants but i haven't read the 2nd one. BRIDGET AND ERIC COACH TOGETHER???? AHHHHHH THE SUSPENSE!!!!! then we went home--- did i mention i bought "sloppy firsts" @ the library for 50 cents? hehehe. i hadnt read that one for awhile (i own 2nd helpings). so yeah we came home and i read "sloppy firsts" and ate dinner w/ mommy and watched "seinfeld" and read some more and then did a helluva lotta dishes but it was soothing. washing dishes relaxes me quite a lot, which is funny. i was listening to italian music too. then i came back and read more and finished and mom and mase started watching "hero". oh, other newsflash of the day: i got a new purse!!! the first new purse i have had since high school began. it's fossil, the same brand, and mom just bought it for me when she was out shopping. i really like it. i already wrote in it, haha. and i stamped my name and address on the back. EWWWWWWWWW gross as robby said, hehe. but i'm happy w/ it.
so now i have 2nd helpings in front of me and i am talking to lizzie, robby, carmen, and allison. nice folks, those guys, hehe. :) YAY PRIVATE SCHOOL KIDS, LAST DAY'S TOMORROW!!!!! :)
love yall

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