Thursday, June 09, 2005

10:25 pm PC time
martha is at this moment braiding my hair. we are still at the beach and are leaving tomorrow. it's been very nice, full of beachtime and reading and eating and taking pictures and playing HEARTS and.... stuffs. good times, nice relaxation. we go back tomorrow and on sun. we depart for youth week and marty and vic go to GHP. we have had a wonderful time and i am so glad they could come!! it will be good to be home for at least a day and a half. goodnight all, sweet dreams.

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Anonymous said...

CLAAAIIIIRE! claireyclaireclaire. i am sooososososos jealous...i want to go to the beach. i am glaaad it was fun. who do you know that goes to lindmoor woods? i do swim there..............unfortunately. anyways. have funnnyfunfun coming home from the beach. bye bye. --carmen