Tuesday, May 10, 2005

9:34 pm
aloha there all,
JE SUIS TIREDNESS!!!!!!!!! 10 days 10 days 10 days. in a way though it'll be really sad to end this year bc i LOOOOOVE these seniors sooo much!!! i will miss them tons, probably more than '03. siigh. plus it'll be tres weird to be the oldest. i went to baccalaureate tonight, which is the main reason that i am so nostalgic... i really cannot believe it is already summer. but the program tonight was nice, it was at glenn so i kept telling people where the restroom was, haha. i took some pictures of those gorgeous gals. DB was the speaker!! hehehe do right bc it is right, yall know DB don't play. i rode home w/ the friederichs, oh and earlier i went to nana and pop pop's and took a 40 minute nap.
now i need to write my TOK essay due tomorrow... grrrness. stupid stupid. too much thought. tomorrow i have the awards program so i get to miss 1st and 2nd periods!! YEEEEEHAH. then the SOCCER GAME at night... man i hope they win! :) lalalala so i guess i'm slacking and not doing my essay at this point..... ok ok fine. i love DHHS. i love the teachers, i love the principal, it is such an amazing place. I AM SO LUCKY!!! (even if i complain) yayeeness.
but i have promises to keep
and miles to go before i sleep
(sound familiar??)
PS-- dr. meeks was there tonight! i didnt talk to him though.

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