Thursday, May 19, 2005

7:09 pm
yes, yes, i know i have not been updating as i should, all my faithful and loyal fans. and yet, i have been bogged down by so much noble (ha!) work to do for my calling (ha!) known as junior year. *sigh* but ya know what?
(imagine that this is a belting broadway baritone)
1 DAY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(jean val jean, btw)
i promise i will update soon bc i will actually have tiiiime...
actually, wait no, i am getting wisdom teeth out MONDAY (:*() so who knows how i shall feel. je suis nerveuse.
tomorrow = graduation, dinner
saturday = may 21, 2005. know what that is? if you don't, go back to may 21, 2004. :)
sunday = mary m. is coming to town apparently! (out of the blue) and then partaaay after youth if we can, if i don't have to go and jump into bed before i face dentisty horror- addy understands.
this week has been ok but it has been the busiest week of the school year. i was up til 12:30 tues. night and then 1:30 last night, er, this morning.
it is so empty w/out the seniors... () sigh. jeziah came in to ms. D's class today after grad practice and gave everybody a hug and a nose touch. AHHHH they're actually leaving!!!!!
"cmon cmon, turn a little faster, cmon cmon, the world will follow after, cmon cmon, bc everybody's after loooooove..." :-D

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