Wednesday, May 04, 2005

4:15 pm
yummy mini snickers bars. this week is a crazily difficult one. or maybe it is just because i am a procrastinatory person. anyway. on sunday after getting back from st. andrews i showered and such and went to choir and senior banquet. it was seulement bo, but it was really fun. buffy was her secret friend, how shocking (not) and wonderful. yummy desserts, great pictures taken by meeee. home to do work and not completely finish it and sleep.
monday was school and such and i tried to go see ms. d before school to discuss macbeth but i didn't have a pass so of course there was a teacher there checking for them, grr. i got a 71 on my physics test and had an 84 in the class (i say had bc this has changed since then). in psych we had A lunch again which annoyed me so much that it drove me to write an email to ms. bassett about it. we wrote 2 free response essays in apush to prepare for friday's ap exam. then at home i relaxed and procrastinated and didn't do much work. we went to the YLD graduation ceremony which was nice. crazy that that is over already! it seems like yesterday we gathered in that auditorium to meet each other for the first time. the plaques are muchos neat. i hope i keep in touch w/ people. then i went home and worked some, arrgh. stopid work. cause "stopid" is how robby and i pronounce it, cause we silly.
tuesday, yesterday, i learned that i got a 120 on my field trip packet in physics so that brings my grade to an 87!!! eeee! happy happy happy. YAYYYYYYYYYy! TOK was fun bc we watched "the truman show." wrote a dbq in apush with a sub who let people talk so it was annoying. then i came home and didn't do much work-- walked doggies w/ mom and amazingly, shelby, the same dog that robby and i rescued when she was escaped last summer, had escaped again!! irony. but we got her to a safe place and stuff. then we dropped mase off at school for his band concert and mom and i went to starbucks and i got a chai tea cold drink. then i sat in the sanctuary with ellen while mollie practiced her piece for the concert. i really hope they are doing ok and that mollie's math doesn't stress her out too much... god bless them, i love them so. allie was making soprano shirts, teehee. love her too. the robbmeister came too of course and everyone else. we practiced all the musique which is good but some is still a little shaky. too bad i cannot be @ the dress rehearsal on sat. bc of the SAT. then robby took mase and myself home. then i still had psych and physics to do so i stayed up til 11:30ish not thoroughly completing them and not getting a chance to shower. bleccch bad feelings.
today i had to get to school early bc it was the kappa choose-little-sisters meeting. i'm not telling who i chose though!! :) heehee. for the induction party next week, i have to a) order a cake b) order 44 + carnations c) think of senior gifts. eeeeeeeeeahhhhhhhhgh! exciting but intimidating in a way. i am glad ashlee is my VP, and i am very happy that megs, LK, and kara are my other officers. then i went to physics and turned in my partially-done homework which will of course affect that 87... but as long as i get a B i really do not care. we did all of ch 18 notes, grrrr... jessi was banging her head against my book and the desk. "i do not need this to be a VET!!!" i know, jess, i know... hey, i'm gonna be a WRITER! hah! physics?? no thank you, only to write about how much it sucks. english was easy, it was neat, at the end we started watching a bbc production of macbeth with ian mckellen as macbeth and judi dench as lady M!! coolness. in psych i turned in my not-all-completed packet and we presented our research study stuff. martha and i really need to make sure we have everything for our presentation next week. eek. B lunch was fun, oh and i forgot to say that yesterday at lunch we decided who would be what animal. i would be a songbird, robby is a monkey, daniella a koala, richard a turtle, megan a cat, maggie a dolphin (?), peter a rabbit (this all started with him eating vegetables), mason another bird type, melissa a llama, jonjon a beaver i think. all in good fun, i enjoyed it. yeah so back to today. apush was easy, took a practice test and i got a 5 again. now i am home and later lizzie is gonna come study, i think. siiigh. i want it to be NEXT weekend bc that ends a lot of the big stuff, besides finals.
anyway that's about all for now. thanks for listening to my days () *puffed out cheeks*

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