Saturday, May 07, 2005

3:55 pm
() SAT's done too!!! phew. je suis tres glad. it was loooong. walter and lauren were in my classroom, and so was frances, a girl from glenn kindergarten, haha. then afterwards i saw emmy and jessie g. megs and i had fun eating lunch and driving singing songs. i love her. it is so gorgeous outside, finally! last night memama and uncle rick came over!!! we ate yummy athens. braves beat houston 9-4, yesss. tonight we are going to the grill-- we = me, mason, mom, dad, robby, memama, rick, nana, and pop pop. that'll be FUNNN. tomorrow is the choir concert, and i do have homework to do but of course i am not doing it at the momento. hehe. listening to good ole ella. i think i'll go take a nap now. goodbye now.
we can count the school days on our hands!!! :)


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