Saturday, May 28, 2005

2:46 pm
fact(s): i have like this flap of skin in my mouth from wisdom teethness that i can feel with my tongue that is quite annoying. my lower left jaw still hurts in the morning and at night and i keep getting rashes on my knees when i take my meds. i am hungry. i have spent the day moaning, showering, cleaning, and now eating publix sandwich. tonight is the webbs' party for joe and i am tres excited, i love that family. yayee. lalalal hunger. tomorrow we are going to robby's lakehouse for the day which should be really fun. i want to see "the sisterhood of the traveling pants" with megan this week. i also want to go to "screen on the green" on thursday at piedmont and see "some like it hot" bc #1 it is free (i think) and #2 tony curtis will actually be there!!! how cool is that??? very cool. i need to get julia a graduation present and lizzie a bat mitzvah present. i need to exercise and write and stuff, not just lay around and have my brain fizzle. it would be better if my silly mouth was better. i have been humming pomp and circumstance at lot today and "don't you forget about me" don't don't don't don't.... i guess it is just so weird to think about being the oldest and it's scary and strange. that's all. ok ciao

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