Monday, May 30, 2005

2:10 pm
lalalalalallaaaaaaaaaaa summer...
memorial day, have a happy one.
on sat. night we went to joe webb's party and it was really fun, except that my mouth still hurt. and still does, stupid lower left corner. anyway, i hung out with molls, jacob, and charles (both of whom are wonderful) and ate food and looked around the new and unfinished renovations. then joe was "roasted and toasted" which was quite hilarious. wes sang ("somewhere after the range, joe"), steve k. made a grrreat video, etc. yaaaay.
yesterday my family and i drove up to robby's family's lakehouse and stayed there for the day! it was fun. we went on a boat ride, i worked on my scrapbook, everyone except mase went on a hike, we ate dinner, swung in the hammock, etc. very good times. i am so glad we were able to do that. and last night i started some good writing stuffs.
now i am cleaning and dusting my room and boy isn't that fun??? hehe.
this week i want to:
-hang out with megan
-hang out with robby
-go to screen on the green
-go to lunch at paideia
-see "the sisterhood of the traveling pants"
-write some more
of course, stuff can always be added!!!!! :)
peace out

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