Friday, May 20, 2005

1:55 pm
guess what? i am being daring and writing this ON THE SCHOOL COMPUTER!!! but it doesn't really matter because
TODAY IS THE LAST DAY OF SCHOOOOL!!!!!! ahhh! it doesn't feel like it at ALL. there was a big wind and rainstorm during second period and ms. D's windows are so huge and it was cool. it hailed. it has stopped now but it is still gray outside. i have a cold i think, which makes me sad. i don't want a cold at the beginning of summer time... :( so all my finals are done, yeehah, and we are all sitting in the computer lab for APUSH so slackers can finish their constitutional theory projects. of course i just finished mine at midnight last night soo... but still. lalalalallalalaaaaaaaaaa summer time!!! eeeee!!! hyperness and the lovely feeling of nothing to do. i think tonight after graduation and dinner i will go home and take a bath with the bath bubble stuff that either hannah and/or carmen gave me for kappa and then GO TO SLEEP.
i wonder if this year's graduation will be as rowdy and disrespectful as 2002's, the last time i went? hm. i took some great pictures today. yayee. i got an86 in physics!!!! yayeee. ok i will post a more... what's the word....... substantial!! yess!! anyway, blog later, right now i am going to go take fun quizzes on :-D
claireybear the summer lady!!!!!!!

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