Tuesday, May 24, 2005

10:31 am
teehee, hi!!! summmmmertime!! yayyyyy.
so yeah the past few days have been nice.
on friday after the FINAL BELL RANG *ahhh*, robby and i walked to the gym and mom picked us up (in the rain cause it started to rain again). she got us yummy chik-fil-as and we followed the friederichs to graduation at the civic center (in the rain)
graduation was really, really great. tons of people were there. i love watching people process in to pomp and circumstance, it is always so neat and traditional. our superintendent was there, he spoke, ms. woodall spoke, david anderson (ahhh says allison ;D) introduced julia the sal w/ words like "funny. green bowling shoes. a great dancer" etc, all perfect stuff for her. she did a WONNNDERFUL speech to the rhythm and rhyme of "goodnight moon." YAYY JULES! Then devin introduced john who gave a good valedictorian speech. then terry introduced archbishop tutu!! that was totally cool that he spoke at graduation. he had some good things to say. and funny things. then they got the diplomas and it was rowdy as usual (barbara a. just stopped by with a chocolate yummy drink for me... man i have had so much chocolate in the past 24 hours it is not even funny, though it is yummy, hehe)but fun. then the AP music theory grads performed the new alma mater, which i really really like now that i have heard it again. it applies well to dhhs at this point in time. and i do like how they included some of the old one in there too. then they processed out and robby and i yelled names of people as they walked by us. then we went outside and it was totally sunny! there was a huge crowd of folks there and such and we got pictures and found friends and it was neato. i cannot wait to get pics developed.
then mom, robby, and i went to the cheesecake factory with the friederichs and ellen. it was soooo yummy and fun and laughing time!! i love all of those people: my mommy, my oldest friends, my middle school best friend, and my boyfriend. yayee and yumms. chicken and potatoes and cheesecake... lalala starchstarchstarchiness. then mom and i dropped the robbster at home and went home and crashed.
on saturday robby and i celebrated our 1-year anniversary all day. yayeeeee!!! he picked me up around 8:30 and we went to IHOP which was yummy. then we went to see "star wars III" which was really good! It is so sad though... kinda like a romeo and juliet type tragedy in that anakin could have been stopped. but of course, then we would have no other great movies from the '70s, hehe. saw both the hudsons working there. then went to his house and relaxed and hung out, without having to worry about any homework to get done!! ahhhh how nice. we ate lunch there around 2something pm. later we went to best buy and he bought team america while i bought "dirty dancing havana nights" CD for megs, yayee! we picked up mason and went to the choir party. that was nice too. good to see everyone. the CD turned out nice. then we went back to my house and watched "team america" and "Shrek 2" so basically a clairerobby moviedate fest. it's always fun reliving the first date, hahaha. and we also watched the vicar of dibley, yayyy! then he left. how wonderful, wonderful, wonderful. i adore my boy. happy anniversary, yayness.
on sunday we were late to sunday school but stopped in for a minute, then went to church... sat with robby, chris r. etc. mary mcauliffe is/was in town! so for lunch, me, my family, nana, pop pop, mary, claire r., and robby went to the club! it was really neat bc mary and robby could talk music and such and robby played my song and the new alma mater for everyone and then mary played one of her pieces. yayyyy.then we all went to our separate abodes and i hung out... then roberto picked me up for youth bc mom, mase, and dad went to see star wars. at youth we just hung out and i gave megan her cd and she signed my yearbook and i signed hers (i signed a piece of construction paper for her to staple into hers, hehe). nicenicenice. then robby took me home. yay.
yesterday i nervously went and got my wisdom teeths out. it was not as scary as i thought it would be, but i was still nervous. they gave me laughing gas and i listened to robby's song and was gradually put under. then i woke up and it was done. weiiird. mom and i got a mcdonalds milkshake and then went home and i fell asleep for awhile and was basically in front of the tv all day. maia and lizzie came over with a milkshake after just having come from rachael's since she had hers done today too (and emily smith is getting hers done today, crazy!). they stuck around for a little bit. i watched lots of "friends" and "seinfeld" etc. robby came over and brought his seinfeld dvds so we watched some, and megan came bearing mick's pie!!!! yayyy. they both stayed and we along with ma famille watched "national treasure" which was pretty good. i am so happy that they both came.
today i am feeling better, a little sore but not bad. i am glad it wasn't too bad. later i am going to nana and pop pop's and megan is going to stop by and we will watch finding neverland that amy loaned me. so there's the update!! :):)


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