Tuesday, May 31, 2005

10:25 pm
watching the two towers...
today i
ate german bakery stuff
read some of "worry"
read "nights in rodanthe" by nicholas sparks
went to the wisdom tooth dr again since i am still sore
went to paideia with mom to wait with her while mase had his math tutoring
went to megan's house and watched star wars IV
came home and got my SAT score-- 1880, same as megs-- and a postcard from julia
now watching TTT
i really want robby to call me. i am kinda worried about him in a silly way if he's not home yet. blecch.
tomorrow = lunch at paideia, youth movie day, then hopefully robby time??? if he's not busy
GOD be with us ALL
thank you

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Anonymous said...

OMGAD CLAIRE YOU CAN LOOK FOR ANSLEY!!! i dunno if you've ever seen him, but just stand in the cafeteria or wherever it is those crazy paideians eat and shout ANSLEY ANSLEY ANSLEY until someone responds. only if it's a girl, it's not the right ansley! there's also a girl. but she's a senior. also you can shout laura too cause she is my best friend!! have fun.