Sunday, April 17, 2005

9:53 pm
good evening darling peoples of the world---
this weekend has been a pretty good one.
friday was prom. it was interesting, i am glad i went, dresses were pretty, dinner was yummy, etc. got SOME sleep at maggie's, hung out with people, watched "spaceballs." i love my friends and my boy. :)
then yesterday megan and i had to leave maggie's and go straight to an SAT prep course with danielle and this guy jon, who was really good. it was 4 hours long though... but i think it helped me, esp. math strategies. we have the second part of it next saturday, the day after bite nite, when i will have gotten even less sleep than i did on friday. *sigh* anyway, then i went home finally and talked to mommy and daddy dearest, and took a nice nap. ahhhh that was good. then later robby came over and we ate dinner, then took a walk all the way over to laurel ridge's playground and talked. that was really, really good. he is so wonderful, so good for me. then mom, dad, and mase picked us up and we went to brusters for ice cream. that atmosphere out there made me happy, bc it was a gorgeous night and lots of little kids were there and people were laughing and talking and eating ice cream and it made me really grateful for springishness and people. went back home and watched "the rocky horror picture show" with mom and dad. man, i don't think i have ever seen a weirder movie. ..... 'nough said. hehe. then we watched good ole vicar of dibley and some of sleepless in seattle. and robby left and i went to sleep.
today has been a good day. technically i should be doing homework but i promise i will soonsoon. went to sunday school and church. nice service. good hymns. then went to the screening of the video on the emory-glenn religious life center set to take place in the next decade or so. yummy sandwiches and reallly coool video, nana mentioned us indirectly! i am excited about what the life center can be. mom is worried it could take the sense of individuality and community out of glenn if so many people are involved, and i share that, as well as what they might do to these sacred, sacred buildings that are a part of me so much. but otherwise, i think it will be really amazing. then mom, mase, and i went home and i hung out outside and really was very procrastinatory which was probably bad but oh well. too bad. hrmph! then dad took us to choir. choir was good, got some good singing done and such. then i walked to the village w/ candler and masey and got panera. saw jackie dorage up and back, and that was fun. she has one of the best smiles ever. and her dress at prom was gorgeously green, hehe. then we had COFFEE HOUSE 05 which reminds me i need to send david an email about it. acts included: hamp being george W, i sang "it had to be you" and robby accompanied moi sur la piano (his idea, great one!! it made me verry happy), ralph and steven's improv blues guitar, george sang and played guitar, robby did drum requests, ann read dave barry, andy and rae drummed, amy sang, melissa and katie played guitar, etc. etc. good stuffs. i love youth so much. it was neat, we set up the sofas in the assembly room! and had yummy snacks. pop pop drove us home. now i am sleepy but i still have work to do so i will quit this for now, and that is all that happened anyway.

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Anonymous said...

i saw the same shows you did that night! like that vicar thing. i'd never seen it before. it was hilarious. and i couldn't make it through sleepless in seattle, too tired.