Wednesday, April 06, 2005

8:29 pm
today i went to crescent moon for breakfast w/ mom, mase, and nana. yumminess. their bagels are the BEST. then mom and i went to salon red and i got my hair trimmed. then we walked around a bit and then went home. actually, first we went to nana's to pick up mase who was washing cars and THEN we went home.
then i relaxed, scanned pictures, wrote real letters to people, filled out IB forms, walked the doggies with mom, ate chicken and rice, did all of my APUSH homework!!, worked on my english presentation a bit, watched oprah's "fantasy wedding" show, watched the old "children of eden" tape, etc. pretty much just relaxed.
i really, really want robby to be home and call. i'm sure this sounds extremely pathetic to all of you people who actually read this (slim to none), but i miss him. i want to see him, i at least want to hear his voice. i pray he is ok and that he and his family had a good time and will be back soon.
daddy and mase are picking up chik-fil-a and movies at blockbuster. wheee!
ok the end.

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