Monday, April 11, 2005

8:17 pm
lalalla hi guys, it's the last day of spring break but i don't really mind because:
-- we get progress reports and that takes up time
-- also i think i have good grades for the most part
-- we are doing instrument stuff in physics and even though i dunno if my bamboo flute can play "mary had a little lamb," at least i have it and at least it can make a fairly ok sound (more than 3 notes!)
-- i can ask ms. donovan about my english presentation
-- B lunch i hope!!!
-- nothing to do after school
-- it is actually spring so i can wear sandals etc
-- it is actually april and there are only 6 weeks left in school which = countdown time
yeah. we just got back from melton's for dinner. yumm. big turkey club and fries! hehe. today i've laid around, read "princess diaries" books outside, did some english work, practiced physics flute a little (i can play notes!!!), bought a pretty shawl for my prom dress, thought about annoying prom complexities, talked to maggie and megan, tried on my dress and shawl and cinderelly shoes, got pictures back from 3 years ago--- 3 YEARS AGO!!! mom had some film that she didn't know the dates of, so we just took it in and it turned out to be circa 2002, robin hood, snow, pneumonia, etc. and then my pictures from the last day of freshman year that i thought i'd lost!!!!! wow. crrrrazy. trip back in time, hehe. i also talked to robby some but i'm hoping i can more later tonight. i have to get to bed by 10:30 because we have schoooool tomorrow.... siiigh. oh well. soon summer'll come!! :)
see ya later i'm goin to the front of the THEATRE!!!! :)

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