Wednesday, April 27, 2005

7:55 pm
this week has been okay, busyness, exams are getting closer, i have an 84 in physics and need to keep it up through 3 test grades and then the final!! damn. everything is just comingcomingcoming. this weekend, on friday, dad and i are going up to st. andrews for alumni weekend/prospective student stuff. i am excited bc i get to miss school, i get to be with dad, etc. i just hope i do not miss too much work. siigh oh well. i am listening to collective soul and it reminds me of summmmmmer. 17 days left!! dearest god help me to make it through unscated, hehe. i haev a dang physics test tomorrow. we have been taking the EOCT in english and apush. easy as all easyness get out.
i am really going to miss this year's seniors; it really makes me sad that they are leaving. they are the best seniors ever, the best grade, 05, and i have been with them for a long time. i really can't believe they're all going to graduate. it will be so eternally strange next year being the oldest and not having them there with us. i mean, they run everything! and they're awesome at it. i will miss them even more than 03 seniors. i don't want to be alone at the top.
the sun is just setting. i wish i didn't have to study, grrness. this afternoon i took a practice AP test and then went to see the dress rehearsal of the school play, "just say yes!" it was really, really good and funny. julie and paul were awesome, and i didn't know madison was such an actress. robby plays bongos for it so he and his parents took me home. i ate chicken stuffs and corn muffins. dad is coming home from reffing and mom is on her bed with the doggies and i guess mase is downstairs. lalalalala. i should go work now... siiigh.


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