Thursday, April 14, 2005

6:47 pm
this is for adrienne!!! heehee. so she'll stop nagging me. ;)

today was fine. went to breakfast club. yummy pancakes. went to physics and answered questions re: my flute and got a 93 on project. yeehah. plus 2 100s on the past 2 homeworks. i hope the test will go well tomorrow. english was fine, listened to presentations (yay megan) and started reading macbeth. psychology = library research. lunch was fun, stood in line for prom invitations. wheeee. apush was easy, we watched a video (in the middle of it some student in the class next to ours ran out of the classroom and threw a trashcan down the hallway and it sounded a little like a bomb or something and it echoed and scared me) about vietnam and then did review stuff. then i sat with robby on the bench while he called his daddy. then i went to the tennis match to watch lizzie and megs. they played over on the other courts that i like better and it was really fun. i got quality alone time with both of them and together, which is really happifying. hehehe. i like that new word! now i am home, after having been dropped off by lizzie and seeing her prom dress. prom is tomorrow! weirdness. i hope funness though. lalalala. ok that's all adrienne.
I HOPE YOU'RE SATISFIED. you should comment. cause no one else ever comments on my blog. *sigh*


Craig Tubman said...

well, considering no one ever leaves comments, I thought I'd turn that around.
Have fun at prom!
- a fellow blogger, drifting through the blogs of planet earth.

Adrienne said...

Thank you for blogging Clairey!! I won't bug you until.....TOMORROW! Haha. Have fun at will be funness!
love you,

Anonymous said...

you knew that would get some! good job hon. can't wait to see you tonight!
love julia