Sunday, April 03, 2005

6:10 pm
i miss robby a lot. i cannot wait until he gets home on tuesday or wednesday. it seems like a long way away. ok, maybe i am silly and desperate but... oh well. so sue me.
i also hope megan, mollie, etc. are doing well in their respective vacation places. daddy left a minute ago for a business trip so it's just me, mom, and mase. and the doggies.
today is pop pop's birthday as well as hallie's. she is off on her mission trip today. god be w/ her. we went to lily's for lunch w/ nana and pop pop and mary t. then we weeded some and relaxed and such. i should go for a walk-jog soon.
yesterday i slept a lot and went to the mall with mom to look for prom dresses (unsuccessful) and to get film developed. last night we ate terra cotta and watched "something's gotta give."
ok, that's about it. church today was a slow and small crowd but it was good to hang w/ the vinsons.
ahhh i miss him!! :P

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