Tuesday, April 05, 2005

5:55 Pm
yo dudes, TUUUESDAY. i keep thinking it is later in the week than that. i guess it is good that it's not though since it's spring break!! teehee. ahhhh. anyway... hmmm. yesterday i hung around the house-- we didnt go ANYWHERE by car, shocking!!-- and watched some tv, worked on pictures, etc. and walked around some. i have been sighing a lot lately and it is tres bothersome, but we went to the dr. today and marietta said it was fine, just annoying. so ok. silly habit... i guess it's a habit. who knows.
anyway, yeah, today i hung out and read the dog in the nighttime book by mark haddon that dr KR read some of us to in ToK. it is very interesting. when i read it, i could hear KR reading it. she is the voice of that book to me which is really cool.
later mom and i went to the doctor to get me checked out w/ my sighing, and then we went to loehmann's to look at prom dresses. there were lots of good ones but one caught my eye but the design doesn't fit well so i can't get it!! waah. the other one is a bit over $100 and i reallyyyyyyyyy do not want to pay that much for a prom dress. oh well, it was fun to try them on. i don't feel so bad about actually thinking about buying one in april, as opposed to all my girlfriends who had theirs in february. hehe. then we went to publix and got chicken for le diner.
now i am home doing this and talking to allison. yay!
dad's getting home tonight and i hope robby will be getting home soon. it is so pretty outside. lalalalala. spring break, spring break... though i have work. hrmph. i'll do it, i promise!
tomorrow nana, mom, and i are going out to breakfast. yay.

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