Friday, April 29, 2005

5:51 pm

yello there from laurinburg, NC-- daddy and i are here for SAPC alum weekend/tour for me. i got to miss school!!! hehehe. anyway it was a nice drive up w/ dad and we listened to lots of musique and such... stopped in augusta bc he had a business mtg. got here round 3:30 to do a tour which was interessant... i have showered at the hotel and feel nice and clean. that's about it, last night megan came over and we had a wonderful much-needed time walking to brusters w/ mase and talking and watching dirty dancing: havana nights-- patrick swayze was the dance instructor!!! hahahaha. funnyness. i love my girl. this afternoon i talked to robby some which was good too. i will be back on sunday everyone! but in the meantime, email me!! heehee.


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