Wednesday, April 13, 2005

4:19 pm
school's back in but no one really cares, we've all been really mellow and noncomplainatory.
complexities (new favorite word, hehe) of late:
1. prom-- i want to get ready at home and have robby come pick me up, but i want to see other people to get ready too kinda and i feel like i'll be missing out on prom memories and not be a good friend if i don't go to someone else's house to get ready. but i'm pretty sure i'll end up sticking at home.
2. physics field trip-- i am scared of roller coasters.
3. tennis tomorrow-- i want to see my friends play, bc i want to support them and such, but it is also mase's soccer banquet at Cici's and i like Cici's and dunno how easy it would be to get a ride home.
4. blahdelblahbladehablah
5. the underlying one in all of these, that i want to please people and make them happy. and that makes me feel like i would be happy, but does it really???

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