Sunday, April 24, 2005

3:40 pm
aloha, what's up? this weekend has been busy but fun (and wet and windy and COLD!!! why?!?!? it's APRIL freakin 24!!)
friday =
kappa meeting-- I'M PRESIDENT FOR 05-06!!!! scary/exciting/proud!!!
six flags-- pretty good, no big coasters, just mine train and stuff-- it pouuurred rain!
bite nite-- not as fun as in past years but it was still nice (and rainy)-- i was on hooker and rae's team and we won! so i have won for 3 yrs in a row!

saturday =
sat prep-- tiredness but helpful
sleep-- ahhhh
mick's w/ robby and his fam-- yummy!!
collective soul/asyo-- AWESOMEAWESOMEAWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

sunday (er today)
sun. school-- ok
church-- confirmation, SOOO ANNOYING!!! WESLEY HAS CHANGED TOOOOO MUCH STUFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrrrrrrowl.
publix s/wiches-- yummy
lounging around-- nice
physics-- pretty good, going to do more w/ robby later

now-- hw, choir, robby's for physics guys! oh lawd.


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Adrienne said...

Busy busy busy Clairey. Sleepy sleepy sleepy Claire. School is almost over! We can make it! SQUISHY LOVES YOU (just as much as Jesus does ;))!!!!

love you