Thursday, April 21, 2005

10:40 pm
really should not be writing this late bc i still have SAT prep homework to do but hey, always the procrastinator. this has been a fairly tough week, just with a lot of work and such to do. tomorrow is our trip to 6 flags for physics and without the stress of scary roller coasters, his questions look hard as hell!! how are we supposed to measure this stuff while ON the ride??? growlness. well dad is home from his trip. i am writing robby an email (we talked on the phone tonight, i have missed him this week). i am going to run for kappa president tomorrow, i am kind of nervous but i hope it goes well. it is something i wouldn't normally do but i have gotten encouragement and i think it would be ok. i am just worried i could screw up something. i don't even know if i would win yet though. so anyway... yeah. that's the news basically. i need to do work now, blecch. this weekend is insanity all over. tomorrow = kappa, six flags (ugh), then home, then BITE NITE, which = hardly any/no sleep, then at 10-2 megs and i have our SAT prep class again, and again on no sleep... and we have hw for it!!! grrrrrrrrness. then dinner at mick's hopefully and then to collective soul/ASYO with robby and fam which will be tres enjoyable even if i am tired. which i am now so goodnight. well, i wish, damn work gods.
robby and i will have been going out for a year
it will be the first day of summmmmmmmer!!!!!

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