Friday, April 08, 2005

10:16 pm
today was very good. actually, thursday was great too.
went to dmv to renew permit... yeah, lame. oh well. deal with it. then i went to see beth for an hour and we discussed driving. then ROBBBBBBY picked me up!!!! it was sooooooo good to see him. we went to the frog exhibit at fernbank which was funfunfun. then it started pouring and we went to my house to find movie times and went to his house to say hi to his parents, stopped by chik-fil-a for foodstuffs, and went to see "Hitch" at regal. it was hilarious!! the movie was, of course, but first-- when we walked in who else would be sitting in the back row but matt hudson!!! hahahaha. so we sat with him, and he said, "ms ward's here too you know!" and we were like WHAT?? bc we thought he was joking bc it seems like that is something he would do. but matt yells, MS WARD!! and she turns around!! she was with her husband, it was hilarious! i was cracking up sooooooo much. i need to call melissa and tell her about that. hehehe. but yeah, the movie was awesome too. then we went back to my house and hung out for awhile. i love my boy!! yayeeeeeee it was so good to see him.
today i cleaned up a lot and went shopping with mom and got my prom dress!! yeehah. then we cleaned some more and robby and his folks came over for dinner. that was very nice. i had a great time. i love him and his family. now i am watching stuff about prince charles. he is gonna marry "cowmilla" (according to the women who are so against her) tomorrow! haha. lalala.
bye guys! love yall

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