Sunday, April 10, 2005

10:06 pm
aloha yall, spring break 05 is almost over!!! wahhhh noooo. oh well, i think i can make it through. if physics doesn't do me in. but i made my flute!! ok anyway.
friday night robby's family came over and that was really, really fun. good food, company, etc. oh and also on friday i got my prom dress! i dunno if i mentioned it or not. no details here yet, except that i only paid $30!!!!! teeeeeheeeeeeee. yeehah.
yesterday, saturday, i sat around and worked and read all of the birth of venus by sarah dunant. yall historical fiction peoples like moi should read it bc it is really, really good. then i took a walk around the wonderful neighborhood- skipped, jumped around, picked dandelions, felt v. childlike and relaxed. ahh. came home and ate fetuccini with mom and mase. then watched "as time goes by" and folded clothes. then robby called and i helped him w/ physics and we talked for a long time. i love talking to him. yay. then i talked to molls online and we planned to meet for breakfast today. i also talked to lizzie and told her the hilarious story re: matt/ms ward and the movies. she cracked up, as i knew she would. also talked to adrienne who had happy news. YAYEEEEEEEE! ahh i love my girl and i am tres happy for her. lalalala. anyway. then dad adn i made my physics flute out of bamboo at like 11:30 at night. but it worked! yeehah. thanks daddy dearest.
today was a great day. it was sunday, which is always nice. mollie darling picked me up around 9:10ish to go eat at starbucks. we had a nice conversation. yay. then we went to sunday school which is always enjoyable. then we all went to church which was nice and SHORT. wesley preached for 15 (15!!!) minutes!! wheeee. then the robbmeister came to lunch with us, and so did aunt alice. it was fun and yummy and mollie was there too which was good. then robby and i went to his house so he could change and i asked alice about gobbie who is apparently doing better. yay! then we went back to my place and watched "when harry met sally." that is a great movie and i am glad he got to see it, he said he liked it. we had a good time. yayeeeee. then me, him, and mason went to choir. we practiced gender-separate songs and i loooove dodi li. i have always loved it, since 8th grade when we did it at sms. grace our accompianist was really nice and good. molls and i were being silly when we practiced "jubilate." YOU BE LATTE!! Well, YOU BE LATTE DEO! what then??? DEO! ow! that reminded me of our bolshevism days in 5th-6th grade, when we didn't want to say bullshit. man good times man. yuh huh.
then we went to the shakespeare tavern to see "our town"! YAY SHAKESPEARE TAVERN!!! i have wonderful memories of that place, like shows and roguefest and BRIE AND TOMATO S/WICHES of which i got one!! yayeee. it was a good show but i think we did it better. brought back good memories like "it was all dip" with cole, hehe. then we came back to the church and robby drove mason and myself home. so i got to spend the whole day w/ him which was really, really good.
now i am having a crazily silly conversation with addy and robby all at once. i love my pals. yeehah.
ONE DAY MORE of spring break... sigh. oh well. c'est daccord!

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Claire Asbury said...

YAY since no one else comments on my blog i am going to comment on my own!!! wheeeee!!!! hehehe. there. that should be incentive, hah, NOT! :)