Thursday, March 03, 2005

9:34 pm "it's true you sold your guitar and bought a car?" --mimi

cannot talk too long because i am supposed to be writing an essay. it's not due tomorrow for me but i realllllllllly wanna get it done so i don't have to worry about it this weekend. however, if i get it done too fast i may be worrying about the grade... anyway. just stopped by to say that last night was really fun, especially the sheridan-anna-katie/godspell party!!!! yeehah. i am SOOOO glad i got to go. when mom dropped me off at 6:30 the first thing i heard when i walked in the door of the CSB was "HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU..." so i raaaaaaaced up the stairs and got there as soon as they were ending the song for the girls-- quite an entrance, hehe. those present= sheridan, katie, anna, robby, marty, vic, allie, addy, reid, daniel, bob, bo, matt, hamp, becca, melissa, george, ben, megan!!! yay! we played and ate yummy food and pizza and strawberry short cake and chocolate cake (the candles almost caught the whole cake on fire!) and of course put godspell music on katie's ipod and danced around and sang at the top of our voices and toasted. it was KICKASS AWESOME!!! it makes me so ultimately happy that other people haven't gotten tired of it (yet). [note: dad's home from NC!!!] normally right after the show, everyone (sans moi) is sick of the music and the lines and blah blah blah "i never want to hear it AGAIN" and all that jazz. i hope it doesn't happen w/ this one!! anyway, it was great because i missed seeing everyone-- rehearsal withdrawal and such-- so it was wonderful. yayyayyay. then robby and i studied physics. i do love my boy so and shall proclaim it out loud-- I LOVE HIM! HE'S WONDERFUL! :)
today was fine-- breakfast club, yummy pancakey goodness. talked to ms. B about my topic and got some good ideas. physics test was eh, ok, i think (hope!) i passed. i wanna finish my english essay tonight on huck finn so i dont have to worry bout it this weekend... TOK was fun. i love KR. we have A lunch tomorrow for psych wahhhh :( and nathan didn't end up coming to lunch so hannah isn't either, sigh. she'll have to meet everyone some other time. history was all lecture, which i really don't mind. yay ms. S, and yayeeeee for my 92!! whooohooo. went to french-- soo good to have the oral pres. over w/. yeehah. came home, ate big bowl of ice cream, relaxed, played with pictures and scanner, walked doggies with momma in the nice cool clean air. ate spaghetti and watched some oscar red carpet stuff w/ mom. worked. work work. gotta go work now. siiiiigh work sub in = work sub out. how true.

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