Monday, March 07, 2005

8:57 pm
it is RAIN RAIN RAIN RAIN RAINING!!! has been all night. i haven't had to go anywhere today!! it was soo nice. well, after school i mean. and newsflash-- SOMEHOW, and don't ask ME how, i have an 81!!!! in physics! as robby would say (corrupt! hehe) WTF?!?!??! wow! esp. since i have failed the only 3 tests we have had. whatever. i just hope i do better w/ buoyancy, etc. 97 in english, 92 in psych, 91 in TOK, 87 in APUSH. nice.
the school day was fine, pas mal. i got my history done in history so i didn't have any history to do at home! i came home and relaxed and worked on some stuff. i am proud of myself, i think i have been doing better at not procrastinating. the only thing now is to make sure i get this paper done for psych by next wed (!!!). ick. well my topic is interesting but i don't really know how to start. thank god we'll be in the library tomorrow. we've been listening to godspell nonstop, hehe. we had yummy salmon for dinner and nana and pop pop came over and brought us milkshakes. lalalal. the bluest eye is SOOOOO DAMN DEPRESSING!!! why do we have to read that book? toni morrison is a wonderful writer but why does she have to write about such depressing stuff? now, this is not clairey's litttle sunshine and chocolate optimist thing going on... it's just... WHY????....
maaaaaan we need spring break. lucky vinnies, off in FLA. sigh.
this weekend was nice though. last night us youthers went to see DFUMC's cotton patch production... turned out not to be done by youth, and was ok but man, we are better and godspell is just a better show! ok maybe i am biased, whoops.... addy called during it, yayee!
so yeah, things are ok right now. ladeedadeedadeeda.

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