Thursday, March 10, 2005

8:55 pm
i miss my vinny girls!!! i wish they would come home from florida. and of course i miss my candylander too. lalalal. demain c'est VENDRIDI!!!!!! eeeyeehah. i have started the physics questions AND basically made all the corrections on my essay due wednesday! and ms. bassett changed the psych paper to being due next friday! thank god! so that is all good. grant us hope from earth to rise... i have had that stuck in my head, love LOVE! love, LOVE! today was ghost out day but ms. S wouldn't let us go to the assembly, oh well. don't drink and drive on prom night guys, or ever for that matter.

uncle ed died. that makes me sad/relieved/guilty. sad = of course, since he died. he was really neat and he lived a good and long life. i wish he had had more family, but nana took good care of him. i am especially sad for her; she has lost 2 brothers in 8 months, and has never lived without them in her lives since she is the youngest and 4 boys preceded her. he was born 2 weeks after the titanic sank. i hope she is ok. mom and dad are over there now. also i feel bad for uncle donald and aunt AL because he lived near them in FLA for years and i remember nana always talking about donald cutting his hair. and of course uncle leland too. they've lost another brother.
relieved = nana was going over there a lot, lot, lot, to take care of him and he was fairly ornery and such in his old age, and couldn't see well, etc. she did so well and was so loving, always, and was so great for him. but still, i think it really tired her out and put a lot of pressure and decision-making on her back. i hope after she grieves she can relax some. i mean, i know they went on a cruise last week but still.
guilty = nana always wanted me to come read to uncle ed, especially last year when he first got here, and i never did. now i feel bad that i didn't, and that i didn't see him more often. when i did see him it was always interesting and neat. he was very much in his right mind and talked clearly and remembered a lot. i think he was fading more recently when i hadn't gone to see him. i am glad that we had a birthday party for him in april when he turned 92 at the nursing home. we gave other residents ice cream and mary lynn came and played the piano and we sang to him. it was a beautiful april 27th. actually i think i missed ML being there but i am still glad she and brian and allison came. but i feel bad because i feel like i should have spent more time with him, cooped up there.
god please bless him. i am happy that now he is with uncle jamie, mommo, daddo, mary frances, mary caroline...

i always thought i remembered being told that he fell in love once when he was young, but that she was killed in a terribly tragic accident. now... he will see her again.

he had dachshunds too.

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